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We follow up to date with changes in the scope of the records of land, buildings and premises, taking an active part in their creation and consultation.


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piÄ…tek, 19 marzec 2010

The main profile of our business is developing software for local government units involved in the records of land, buildings and documentation centers, and for surveying - as well as cartographic and surveying contractors.

Our position in the market due to participate in the process from the beginning of computerization of land registration. Our products work for many years in the county tens of hundreds of county and municipal offices.

Despite constant changes to the regulations we are to ensure maximum continuity software updates since the main objective is to ensure a smooth transition for operators at minimal cost.

Our experience also allows us to create and improve technology modernization of the land. These technologies are created in the course of modernization involving our company. Thus, our products and services are based on theoretical and practical knowledge.

Unlike many companies focusing solely on the information our solutions come from experience, supported by sound knowledge of specific work units that use our software.

Keep up to date changes in legislation in the field of land, buildings and taking an active part in their development and consulting.

GEOBAZA spółka z o.o.
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ul. Łokietka 10/2

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email: geobaza@geobaza.com.pl


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